"Who else wants to save time to format keywords?"


"No longer will you waste hours and hours, day after day, on

the tedious (yet important) task of formatting keywords!"

This brilliant keyword software does it for you in minutes!

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The search engine keyword tool for webmasters and Internet marketers

"At last... a search engine keyword tool so powerful and intuitive that you can just think what your keyword list should look like, and it will create it for you!"

Well, not quite, but almost! If you could save countless hours of slavishly creating keyword lists by hand, or even tweaking keyword generator lists manually, would you be interested?

"Google AdWords campaigns are quick and easy!"

"What can the Keyword Assistant do for me?"

The Keyword Assistant takes the tedium out of the important task of formatting keywords optimally, thus lightening the burden of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords campaigns, keywords metatags, etc., and making your site more successful.

The Keyword Assistant tailors your Google AdWords ad groups and ad variations more precisely than any other tool, and fine-tunes them for optimum performance, thus maximizing your targeted visitors and minimizing your cost per click. All in only a few minutes!

If you're currently overwhelmed by the burden of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords campaigns, keyword metatags, etc., the Abacus Keyword Assistant is the answer to your prayers!

Web sites and Google AdWords campaigns alike require constant attention, tweaking and manipulation in order to compete with hundreds of rivals. Wouldn't you like to have an edge on all those competitors? Now you can!

What you can achieve with Keyword Assistant...

Imagine being able to produce lists of keyword search phrases, perfectly formatted and oven-ready for pasting into Google AdWords campaigns! Not just for broad match, phrase match and exact match -- other keyword software programs can do that, too -- but with your bid amounts varying according to the length of each keyword search phrase, in combination with broad match, phrase match and exact match! Long-tail keywords do not need as high a bid as shorter keyword search phrases to be competitive. The Abacus Keyword Assistant produces all permutations of Google AdWords bid amounts, according to your specification! Thus, you save money as well as time! As far as we know, no other keyword software program can do this.

The Abacus Keyword Assistant can create large keyword lists from a few chosen core key words, and even from filenames automatically generated by another program -- another distinctive feature of the Abacus Keyword Assistant.

  • Combine a few main key words and alternatives into a list of all possible permutations instantly
  • Edit and refine large keyword lists quickly
  • Create new keyword search phrases with slight variations of words, such as plurals
  • Produce new keyword search phrases from your specified permutations of groups of related words
  • Form ad groups for ad variations from long keyword lists to target searchers with pin-point accuracy, thereby keeping your cost per click low (a HUGE time-saver!)
  • Generate misspelled words, to capture visitors who misspell keyword search phrases
  • Convert text to lower/UPPER/Capital case
  • Format keyword lists for web page <keywords> metatags
  • Convert single-line name & address lists to multi-line, ready to print despatch labels
  • Convert multi-line name & address lists to single-line, ready to paste into a .csv file as a spreadsheet

... and much more!

Have you ever wanted to change all the filenames in a folder in one fell swoop? For example, spaces to hyphens or underscores? Now you can! Have you ever wanted to change some text in all the files in a folder with one click? For example, <h2> tags to <h1> tags? Now you can! Yet more distinctive features of the Keyword Assistant!

Keyword Assistant box

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Only $67 for the most sophisticated keyword formatting and manipulation tool available!


"The first time I used the Keyword Assistant for my AdWords campaign, I could barely believe the results. Different bids for various keyword lengths... easy! A click of the button, and there it was... DONE!"
P. Fitzgerald, Internet Marketer - UK

"Your keyword assistant tool looks really good. I need it to sort/group large keyword lists."
J. St. Martin, Publisher - USA

"I just completed trying out all the features of the Keyword Assistant and on the whole I think you have a real good piece of software here. I find ALL of the features useful, so that says a lot about the list of features you have chosen to build in."
Shobha Ponnappa, Vistaari Consulting - India

"Because I'm downloading and editing keyword packets that range from 2k-40k in size, it seemed time to get behind KA and it absolutely did not disappoint! KA makes filtering 50k phrased keyword lists childsplay with 3-second returns on commands. I love being able to place them into a temporary work area and build as I go along. I love the prepend and append features that makes specialized keyword development a brainless and effortless operation. There's so much more I can say, but I've got more keyword work to do. I think you get the message. Thanks for creating such a great tool."

Tony Simana, Simana Consumer Services - USA


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Get the most powerful and flexible search engine keyword tool available for creating and formatting keyword lists! The Keyword Assistant is only $67!

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Why are Abacus pay per click advertising management services so low-priced? -- Because we use the Keyword Assistant software, of course!

Extra features include built-in links to the Google AdWords keyword tool, WordTracker keyword suggestion tool and SEO keyword statistics tool, to aid your decisions about which keywords to bid for, which niche markets to promote, what domain names to buy, or how to name your files. Using keyword suggestions found first here in other keyword research software, keyword generator and keyword analyzer software later, and finally using Keyword Assistant for the keyword list creation and formatting, will create keyword lists of very high quality for your intended purpose.

There are also direct links to the campaign administration pages for Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising, MSN search advertising and Yahoo! search marketing.

Furthermore, there is an ever-expanding knowledge base of contributions by experts in the fields of Internet marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and Web site SEO (search engine optimisation).

Everything you need is instantly available to hand. Thus, the Abacus Keyword Assistant is a one-stop keyword tool for keyword formatting to increase web site traffic and your knowledge of Internet marketing.

Finally, there's a link to complementary products and services which may be useful to you. These are offered by Abacus Keyword Assistant users and affiliates.

Keyword research

There are several tasks involved in keyword research, and there are keyword tools for all of them: keyword search, keyword suggestion, keyword density, keyword generator, keyword analyzer, keyword SEO, keyword ranking, and a keyword selector tool.

Done properly, using keyword tools improves your keyword results and lowers your keyword cost, particularly with AdWords keyword research.

Note that free keyword tools are of little use in producing good keywords, and may mislead you into thinking that you've done good keyword research when, in fact, you haven't.

Keyword formatting

Once you have done your keyword research, using keyword tools such as those mentioned above, you need to create your keyword lists and format them to suit the intended purpose, probably a Google AdWords advertising campaign or a <keywords> metatag in a web page.

This is where the Abacus Keyword Assistant fits into your set of keyword tools, because keyword search tools, keyword suggestion tools, etc., have a different purpose, and fall woefully short in final keyword list creation and formatting.

The Abacus Keyword Assistant is designed specially to create large keyword lists from your chosen core keywords, and format them easily and quickly into whatever form you need for your intended purpose.

Overture keyword tool

Since Overture was acquired by Yahoo!, the Overture keyword tool, known as "Keyword Assistant", was allowed to fall by the wayside, and is now defunct.

For a long time the Overture keyword tool was of limited value, as it was often several months out of date, and its accuracy for keyword search / keyword research, or as a keyword suggestion tool, was suspect.

The Abacus Keyword Assistant is keyword software, and has no connection with the Overture keyword tool.

Compare Abacus Keyword Assistant to other keyword software. Please, do so! We want you to!

Although, admittedly, there is surprisingly little keyword software available for manipulation and formatting of keywords, the Abacus Keyword Assistant is the only search engine keyword tool (we know of) that processes free text. All others process lists of uneditable lines. Although such lists make the programmer's job much easier, they reduce the flexibility for word/phrase manipulation from a user's viewpoint. This is one of many reasons why the Abacus Keyword Assistant is special, and favoured by professionals.

Another reason is that the Abacus Keyword Assistant is built for speed and ease of use. Ergonomically designed by an HCI (Human-Computer Interface) expert, and programmed by a software engineer with a MSc Degree in IT, the Abacus Keyword Assistant is so intuitive that you do not need to read an instruction manual. You can start being productive immediately! Furthermore, there is a whole page available, containing keystroke-by-keystroke hands-on walkthroughs of the most common tasks you'll want to perform.
(The Support link is on the Overview and Screenshots pages.)

The Abacus Keyword Assistant is the perfect complement to keyword suggestion tools, keyword research tools and keyword selector tools, such as Keyword Elite, site-building software, such as HyperVRE, article creation software, such as Instant Article Wizard and Content Assistant.

Keyword Assistant Overview

What do you prefer? A mish-mash of keywords that takes you hours to get nearly right, or a perfect keyword list for every occasion... in minutes?

Get the most powerful and flexible search engine keyword tool available for creating and formatting keyword lists! The Keyword Assistant is only $67!

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Note 1: If you are already using the free trial software, and decide to purchase it, just click on the link in the Keyword Assistant interface to return to this page, click the 'Buy Now' button above, and complete the purchase transaction. Then install the software normally.

Note 2: Purchasers get free software updates ad infinitum. Check for updates regularly, directly from the software 'Help' menu.

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